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Collection: You, Me, & the Sea

May each day be a comfort and an adventure and a gift like the sea itself... May you have sunrises of hope and sunsets of thankfulness... May the gulls bring you laughter... May the shells on the shore remind you that treasures arrive every day in the form of simple things... May you hold to each other like a jetty when it storms... May you kick off your shoes and dance in the sand... May you boogie... May the tides ebb and flow but reassure you with their constancy... May weathered things show you the value of what lasts... If you have pain, may the waves wash it away... If you have anger, may the sun warm your hearts so that you can forgive... May the wind be at your back... May you be swept away by love... May you make your own footprints in the sand, but may you find a path together... 

- Sandy Gingras

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